K-Pop Restaurant on Its Way to the Castro

Members of the K-Pop band Sistar.
Members of the K-Pop band Sistar. Photo: YouTube

The prime corner spot at 18th and Castro Streets saw a brief bit of life last month, following the closure of Soup Freaks, as a pop-up called Green Works (499 Castro). That turned out to be a very short-term business, and in the last several weeks the windows have been papered over and something called K-Pop Restaurant is now taking shape behind the paper. We note that a yellow pages listing has gone up, but nothing further, and all we can surmise, besides the fact that they’ll be serving beer and wine, is that this is likely a Korean restaurant that plays a lot o K-Pop — it’s a term for South Korean pop music, which is oh so trendy right now and which is basically pop music with some rock, electronica, and dance music blended in. (In the absence of any further restaurant info, here’s a primer on some K-Pop bands that are big right now, and may soon be big in Castro dance bars.) File under: Developing. Update: It appears this is a sister restaurant to nearby Osaka Sushi (460 Castro) and Barracuda (2251 Market Street).