Julia Child Signed Her Name in Cement at Savenor’s

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!

Happy 100th birthday, Jules! In honor of her centenary, Radcliffe will sponsor a symposium next month on all things Julia. In the meantime, they reveal a few fun facts about our favorite Cambridge celebrity chef.

Our favorite nugget: “Her address was 103 Irving St. in Cambridge, very near Savenor’s, where she shopped. At some point, she signed her signature phrase, “Bon Appetit,” in the (wet cement) sidewalk outside Savenor’s, with her initials. In reconstructing Kirkland Street, they have put red markings around that piece of the sidewalk so it will be preserved as a historical marker,” says Harvard history professor Nancy F. Cott. So watch where you walk!

The all-day symposium happens on September 21—capped off with Child-inspired cuisine, of course. [Globe via Radcliffe]