Two Julia Child Lookalike Contests in Pasadena Tonight, Plus Two of Our Favorite Bizarro Impressions

Julian Child
Julian Child Photo: 99-Cent Chef

Lest all the sentimental spilled ink has Julia Child’s 100th Birthday sounding a little too mournful, two Pasadena restaurants are fleshing out the chef’s light sense of humor in a strange twist. Toro Sushi and 300 Pasadena bowling lounge are both holding their own Julia Child lookalike contests as part of tonight’s major-rager cocktail party in tribute to the cooking icon. Participants are asked to come as Julia in any era, with prizes promised. We have the feeling this thing is really more for the fellas than the ladies, as no matter how good Meryl Streep may have been, the most memorable Julia Child impressions in our own memories come from two talented guys with weird, taste-free impressions. Since we’re ready to start celebrating and all, we have two of them below for your amusement.

The French Chef by y10566

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