In-N-Out Was Also Buying Meat From Shuttered Slaughterhouse

In-N-Out Photo: Phillie Casablanca via Flickr

Not only was the USDA buying beef from a Central Valley slaughterhouse that was shuttered by federal health inspectors on Monday, something that doesn’t surprise us given the entire existence of pink slime, but In-N-Out, that self-promoting paragon of freshness, was too. Ew. For once, fans may even wish that the chain was freezing its patties, after hearing about all the ill-nana cows that were supposedly being slaughtered under cruel and dubious practices. Currently, investigators are trying to determine whether beef from the sick cattle has entered our food system and more importantly, our animal-style burgers.

Nonetheless, the burger chain is getting big-ups for cleaving its ties with Central Valley Meat Co. today, though it probably needs to find a different meat source anyway, now that the slaughterhouse’s operations have been force-closed by the feds. But really, does anyone deserve a gold medal for not feeding us beef from sick cows? [Mercury News]