IDG Brewing Chinese Concept in West Hollywood

IDG developing new Westside Chinese concept
IDG developing new Westside Chinese concept Photo: ::coco Rina:: via Flickr

Today Slice gives a big thumbs-up to the pizza at IDG’s new Soleto in Downtown. Meanwhile, Lee Maen, a co-founder of Innovative Dining Group, expands on the company’s furious expansion plans in Nation’s Restaurant News, dropping a few more details on fall’s expected Gino Angelini collaboration, its LAX offshoot of Boa, and plans for national domination that could find a few of the group’s restaurant brands heading as far as San Francisco, Chicago, and New York. What else?

Locally, IDG, which made its bones through a Japanese fetish, is planning to use 5,000 square-feet of the former Hamburger Hamlet space it took over in West Hollywood to brew up a Chinese concept right next to Angelini’s restaurant, which will open in February or March of 2013. Maen, that big old tease, claims, “We have another partnership with someone really special, but they haven’t signed yet, so I can’t say. We’re very close.” [NRN]