Hennessey’s Tavern Manager Bust-ed For Denying Server Right To Pump Breast Milk

Hennessy's Tavern
Hennessy's Tavern Photo: Hennessy's

The Seal Beach location of Hennessey’s Tavern, a ten-strong chain that’s no stranger to controversy, has a new one on its hands after one of the restaurant’s servers was denied a break to pump out her breast milk while working a shift. KTLA reports that Kristen Joseph, a mother to a six-month-old and a employee here for three years, was refused keys to a manger’s office where she normally takes a ten-minute break to stem the pain and leakage caused if she doesn’t pump. Despite federal laws that require workplaces to provide an isolated place for mothers to “hit the pump,” the manager on duty allegedly reminded the server that she was working in a restaurant and called the practice “disgusting,” continuing that he didn’t want her to “spray all over his office,” and turning him into the Todd Akin of grody Irish sports bars.

A very distraught Joseph, who had engaged in the breast-pumping several times before (“>Two-Timin’ Tuesdays and all) was told she could go home, but continued working through her tears as breast milk leaked through her shirt. When she got home, she dropped a dime at Hennessey’s HQ, leading to an investigation, now under way, by the corporation into the manager’s alleged comments.

Let’s hope justice is served and the manager’s pointed knocks end up getting the boob canned. Either way, we may never be able to order the pub’s “Southern Irish tenders” with a straight-face again.

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