Now Greenwood Park Is Too Child-Friendly

Lots of room for strollers.

If we had a kid, we probably wouldn't take the little one anywhere that smelled like "pee, cigarettes, and throw-up" — but evidently the rampant public urination neighbors recently complained about isn't stopping parents from toting youngsters to beer garden Greenwood Park, which has some other patrons hopping mad, writes City Room. "Welcome to Chuck-E-Cheese in South Slope,” commented one Yelp reviewer recently. Owner Ted Mann, who has two kids himself, has said encouraging things about Greenwood's 13,000 square feet being big enough for strollers, and the kiddies have rolled in. But as everyone knows, strollers in Park Slope are an even more incendiary issue than public barfing. Sounds like everyone should chill out and have another pint. [City Room/NYT]