Gladstone’s Offers Free Mohawks To Kick Off Shark Week

A bigger boat
A bigger boat Photo: Gladstone's

Gladstone’s in Malibu is celebrating our favorite religious holiday, Shark Week, in commemoration of The Discovery Channel’s summer block of programming that explores the deep blue realm of Jaws and his people. Starting this Sunday at 11:00 A.M. and going all night, the beach-side restaurant is offering drinks like a “Shark Attack Tea” (which better be clouded with grenadine) and “Mohawk Mojitos, leading to the premiere of the first Shark Week episode at the bar.

In addition, this sharky trailer you see above, to be decked out with a giant shark head, tail, and fins by Discovery and dubbed the “Land Shark Barbershop” will idle outside of the restaurant, offering free mohawks and shaved jaw beards from Bolt Barbers. Everybody now: “Fiiiiiin roof…rusted!”