French Brasserie Offers Free Foie Gras to Californians With ID

Freeing foie through free French foie
Freeing foie through free French foie Photo: Jeremy Couture via Flickr

The French continue to be up in arms more than most Californians are when it comes to the foie gras ban enacted in July. Recently, the country’s president even got in on the furor, puffing up his chest and promising that foie gras exports would not “be jeopardized.” Now a French restaurateur is putting his liver where his mouth lies. Jean-Claude Corda, owner of a well-known, 28-year-old a brasserie in Saint Remy de Provence named Bistrot des Alpilles, is offering anyone with a California ID a free first course of foie gras from French producers, Masion Masse, saving travelers from the Left Coast fourteen Euros.

Corda tells The Provence Post, “California sees itself as a trendsetter, and we wish to do the same in our own way by inviting Californians to discover, for free, a typically French meal, from a famous company.”

Hey, thanks, guy. Next time you come to Cali, les tacos are totally on us! Of, course, we may also know where to get a little foie gras if you’re interested.

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