Five Guys Closes in Cobble Hill

This is what happens when you take too many free napkins. Photo: Hugh Merwin

Burger joints are like hydras, you know, one closes, squirts a mess of ketchup, then five others open up and start melting cheese in the same hood. Except, it seems, in Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens, where JB’s Burger and Dubuque have closed in the past year, and let’s never forget the brief and wondrous life of Vinzee’s Magic Fountain. Five Guys at 266 Court Street is now closed as well, with a sign in the window directing the hungry to the chain’s Montague Street location. With Mooburger and Burger on Smith both nearby with griddles at the ready, and Root Hill Burger opening next month, there’s no borough burger shortage, but seriously, a Five Guys closing? Oh my dayum. [Related, Earlier]