The Twelve Most Egregiously Stupid Fast-Food Employee Mishaps

Gettin' busy in a Burger King bathroom.

Last week, word spread that a prankster Taco Bell employee possibly relieved himself atop a nacho platter. Turns out the liquid in question may have been soda — which, in Grub Street’s opinion, makes the act even stupider — but his actions nevertheless got us thinking about all other food-industry workers who’ve been canned for spectacularly stupid reasons. (Frankly, there are so many tales of fast-food debauchery that it was hard to narrow it down to a mere twelve entrants.) We’ve got lettuce-stompers, prostitutes, surly spitters, and more! In a few cases, management acted poorly, but more often than not, the employees were to blame. Hopefully these people have gone on to stable jobs elsewhere, but we don’t have high hopes — especially for the teen who took a bubble bath at Burger King.