Bar (Pie) Fight on Long Island

Eddie's has a Manhattan truck if you're curious what the fuss is about.

What is it about pizza that gets people so heated? On the heels of that Staten Island square-pie mobster showdown comes this Daily News report that Joseph DiVittorio of Eddie’s Pizza in New Hyde Park (which claims to be the ninth-oldest pizzeria in the country, has a Manhattan food truck, and was featured on an episode of Entourage) is suing the owners of three other Italian restaurants for using the term "bar pie," a phrase DiVittorio legally registered back in 1992. Now surely we all know what a bar pie is — that cracker-thin style popular in some old-school spots around here — and frankly it seems kind of ludicrous for anyone to say they have ownership on a pizza style. Even Ed Levine weighs in to the News, opining that bar pie is a pizza "genre." We’d say DiVittorio’s chances of legal victory look about as thin as his crust. [NYDN, Related]