Move Over Backyard Chickens, DIY Bug Farming Is a Thing Now

The future of food as we know it.
The future of food as we know it. Photo: iStockphoto

We’ve warned you already that you might as well get used to the idea of bug-eating (even Noma chef René Redzepi is toying with the idea of eating live ants), and as this summer’s wacko weather puts a pinch on the production of corn, beef, and other foods, less-popular proteins will look a lot more appetizing as traditional sources of nourishment grow increasingly scarce. Lucky for us, then, that a group of French designers has made it easier to raise and harvest bugs for consumption with a DIY grasshopper farm.

NPR’s “The Salt” reports that Nicholas Pena Parra and Lea Bailly from L’Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique in France have developed a small, self-contained farm that’s intended for raising grasshoppers for consumption, which they’ve entered into the international design competition, the James Dyson Award. Should it win, you can count on bug-rearing following in the footsteps of homebrewing, canning, and backyard chicken farming.

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