Soon, You’ll Be Able to Say ‘I Do’ at Denny’s

Doesn't it look romantic?
Doesn't it look romantic? Photo: CamEvans via Flickr

Having a cholesterol-era Elvis impersonator betroth you to a skanky clubgoer you’ve known for three hours in a roadside casino chapel is just so pretentious. Fortunately for all of us who aren’t Rockefellers, Las Vegas is about to embrace a much more down-to-earth alternative. Soon, you’ll be able to get married inside of a Denny’s. Sin City’s Fremont Street is getting a new branch of the all-day diner that will offer couples a wedding chapel while they wait for their “Meat Lover’s Omelets.” The chapel will be stuck in the middle of the restaurant and serve booze, presumably making strangers’ bad and binding decisions a sort of spectator sport for guests of the Neonopolis mall. Really though, the introduction of a chapel at a 24-hour diner is pretty ingenious. One, this is Vegas, in which questionable judgement forms the backbone of an entire economy. And two, it paves the way for perfect post-wedding combos like the “Sausage Slam Morning-After” and “Moons Over My Hammy Honeymoon.”

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