Watch David Cross’s Absurdist (and Very Green) Cooking-Show Parody

Cross as chef Bellini Pastafangu.
Cross as chef Bellini Pastafangu. Photo: IFC

The first season of IFC’s show Comedy Bang! Bang! comes to a close this Friday night and the network spills some beans today that it will involve Weird Al discussing his veganism despite occasional cravings for shrimp. Oh, but speaking of weird: David Cross stops in to play a famous chef named Bellini Pastafangu, who looks and talks just like David Cross dressed in a creepy green-screen toque and form-fitting suit, all to promote his new book, How to Cook Food. It’s more awkward, absurdist weirdo-ism than a satirical send-up of celebrity chefdom, but it’s definitely worth a watch.

Comedy Bang! Bang! - Cooking with David Cross [IFC]