Yup, Dante deMagistris Might Open a Restaurant in Harvard Square

Dante, smiling.
Dante, smiling.

A few weeks ago we speculated on the possibility that Dante DeMagistris would take over the Casablanca. Our musings are apparently correct: The Herald reports today that DeMagistris does in fact have his eye on the space, which will close soon after decades of bohemian revelry.

No deal has been inked, says the Herald: “We’re going through negotiations with the landlord … We’re looking at other places as well. If we took it over … we’re going to stick to Italian. There are all different ways to create Italian food and an Italian experience,” DeMagistris tells them.

Casablanca or no, more Dante-helmed restaurants are definitely a good thing. In the meantime, one thing is for certain: A second branch of Beacon Hill’s Toscano and another Tasty Burger are bound for the ‘hood.

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