Introducing Coi’s New Vegetarian Menu, Featuring Tofu Made With Ocean Water

Patterson's Earth/Sea.
Patterson's Earth/Sea. Photo: Serious Eats

Coi chef Daniel Patterson has always done we could to accommodate vegetarians in his restaurant. But now he’s added a full, eight-course vegetable menu alongside the restaurant’s regular menu, including a new dish he calls “Earth/Sea” featuring tomato water gel, dashi, cherry tomatoes, seaweed, olive oil, and a house-made tofu that’s coagulated with ocean water. “It’s an old hippie technique from Hawaii,” Patterson tells Serious Eats, and he learned of it via pastry chef Matt Tinder. Also on the menu: a chilled spiced ratatouille soup that Patterson thinks of as a funny twist on 1980s cuisine. [Serious Eats, Earlier]