Is Our Golden Age of Quick, Free Delivery in Danger?

Sidewalk riding: a big no-no.
Sidewalk riding: a big no-no. Photo: Randy Harris

As discussed, the city finally has a plan in place to up the fines on commercial cyclists (read: mostly restaurant deliverymen) who run red lights, ride the wrong way, or otherwise flout traffic laws. When the campaign officially rolls out in January, fines will go up to $300 for traffic violations. Sounds like great news for terrorized pedestrians, but the downside is we’ll probably all wait longer for our food. So come 2013, prepare to see even more angry, “my delivery took 45 minutes” rants on Yelp. Also, it seems inevitable that violations will still happen, upping overall restaurant costs — which might just affect what New Yorkers see as their God-given right to free food delivery. [DNAinfo, Daily Intel, Earlier, Earlier]