Chipotle Taking Good Old War to Market This Week

Chipotle Photo: iShane via Flickr

Chipotle, as you know, is basically the only food chain of its size to embrace a sustainable business model, no matter how much McDonald’s and their unctuous ilk try to convince you they’re serving real food. Whether needed or not, the burrito-mover plans to further its crunchy image through a Chipotle Farmers Market Tour, which touches down this Saturday at the Silver Lake market and again on Sunday at the Hollywood Farmers Market. From 8:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M., catch the festivities, complete with salsa-making demos and culminating with free performances by Good Old War and goofy-foot surf champ-cum-rocker Timmy Curran (Update: Curran is no longer playing the L.A. Could a Chipotle burrito be to blame?).