Chateau Marmont Shuts Out Lindsay Lohan Over Unpaid Hotel and Mini-Bar Bills

Spent over $3,000 on the mini-bar in two months
Spent over $3,000 on the mini-bar in two months Photo: Avrillllla via Flickr

Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont hotel has built its legend as the kind of discreet celebrity hideout where stars can literally get away with just about anything. Jim Morrison took a nasty spill from its roof, John Belushi went one speedball over the line in one of its suites, and if you’ve never left the place barfing or swerving, you’re nobody. But Lindsay Lohan, who’s having a really bad week/post-adolescence/probationary period, got the full boot from the property and is being barred from returning until she pays $46,350 in unpaid accommodation dues, restaurant charges, and mini-bar fees following her two-month stay this summer while filming a Liz Taylor-biopic.

TMZ gets the full scoop, while a gentlemanly letter from the property’s exasperated manager, Philip Pavel, surfaces on U.K.’s Daily Mail, indicating the actress spent freely on room service and mini-bar charges. Sure, an addiction to Toblerone can get pretty pricey, but we have a feeling something much more potent is behind one single’s days charges of $281 from the mini-bar.

Lohan was also accused of stealing jewelry from a Hollywood Hills home this week, a charge her father calls “a witch hunt.” Meanwhile, Chateau Marmont has told the “star” she will no longer be hosted at the property or its attached hotspot, Bar Marmont, until she pays her bill. Which is really just a fancy hotel’s way of saying, “Witch better have my money.”

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