Closed Central Valley Slaughterhouse Cleared to Reopen

Bad news, Bessie
Bad news, Bessie Photo: WWarby via Flickr

The slaughter is back on at Central Valley Meat Co., the Hanford, California beef supplier that was shuttered by the USDA last week after a covert video leaked by animal rights activists showed sick cows being cruelly treated and possibly pushed into the beef supply. The L.A. Times reports that the company and its 450 employees are now cleared to return to business, with the promise that new training methods will be implemented to prevent future cattle abuse, among other “corrective actions” intended to off healthy cows in the most humane manner possible.

The week-long closure and public relations disaster for the company is not without its lasting consequences, however, as it found itself dropped last week as a meat supplier for In-N-Out Burger, McDonald’s, and the USDA’s school lunch program. [LAT]