Canter’s Passing The Torch, Embracing New Dishes

Canter's Photo: Steven Damron via Flickr

Marc Canter, third-generation owner of Canter’s and friend to Slash, is making a few changes at Fairfax’s famous 24-hour, family-run delicatessen. His son, Alex, is taking on a bigger role at the restaurant and encouraging Dad to dust off the menu for some new additions and subtractions. Don’t sweat it, seniors, it’s not a move into pork belly knishes and bowls of pickled popcorn (though it does have a food truck).

KCET learns that Canter’s is ditching some of its more abstruse items like a canned salmon dish, the peppered beef people confuse with the pastrami, a macaroni salad, and a triple-stacked sandwich with tongue for a new selection that includes a dozen panini melts, three new burgers served on the deli’s kaiser rolls, three new salads, and a bunch of breakfast items like chocolate chip and banana pancakes and four styles of Benedict.

The new menu is expected by the end of summer, with the elder Canter explaining the move in not unprecedented. “If people complain, we will let them know that we needed the room for the newer items and those were the ones that we didn’t really want people to order anyway,” he tells the station in an interview.

A Changing of the Guard at Canter’s [KCET]

Canter’s Passing The Torch, Embracing New Dishes