Campbell’s Launches Line of Hipster Soups

Photo: Campbell's

When Campbell’s noticed young people just weren’t hitting the Chicken & Stars anymore, they sent their consumer team to “hipster hubs” such as Austin, Portland, and San Francisco to figure out what teens and twentysomethings are eating. After shopping with them for organic vegetables, hitting favorite food trucks, and even getting invited over for anarcho-vegan quinoa and millet-beer pairings, one executive concluded, “They are restless spirits with adventurous tastes.” So what do these “restless spirits” want from a 21st-century soup? Apparently it’s flavors like coconut curry with chicken and shiitake mushrooms, or creamy red pepper with smoked gouda, in microwavable packages for the college set. Sounds kind of tasty, actually, but couldn’t the execs have just watched Portlandia? [HuffPo via Star Ledger]