Buddy’s Diner: A True Somerville Success Story

Does that car belong to the IRS?
Does that car belong to the IRS? Photo: Buddys/Facebook

Buddy’s Diner is the type of lovable place where wizened locals slug black coffee and grumble. Lovable, that is, until the owner got in trouble for unpaid taxes (a sizable amount, too—$24,000). Yet the Globe reports that the vintage lunch car reopened this weekend and not only that: They’re doing dinner!

According to the story, the Department of Revenue helped owner Nicole Bairos “resolve her tax issues quickly” (seriously?!), and the keys to her business were returned two days after seizure. She’s going to begin offering dinner to pay back the debt even quicker, so lend her a hand and make tracks to East Somerville for some hubcap-sized meatloaf and friendly chatter.

Buddy’s Diner in Somerville Reopens [Globe]