Thomas Keller Rolling Out Homey, Family-Style Meals at TWC Bouchon

Bring the whole family down.

Guess that family-style fried-chicken night was a success: This month, the Bouchon location in the Time Warner Center will begin offering Friday-night-only family-style meals. For $38 per person ($15 for kids 10 and under), the whole famn damily can sit down to a three-course dinner — first course, family-style entree with sides, and dessert — that will change each week. It kicks off on August 17 when the main course will be braised short ribs with corn relish and pommes purée (that's French for "greatest mashed potatoes ever"). Future dinners will be roasted chicken with heirloom-tomato salad and pork ribs with mac 'n' cheese — check out the full menus for the first four dinners, below. No need for reservations, and if you want to grab the food and go, you can call ahead and Keller's staff will be happy to accommodate you, too. Oui oui.

Friday Feasts at Bouchon Bakery [PDF]