Big Gay News: Ice Cream Cookbook, Salty Pimp Cupcake

The Salty Pimp, explained. Photo: Robicelli's

Big Gay Ice Cream and Robicelli's Cupcakes write in to say they've teamed up on possibly the most gonzo mini-cake this town has seen: the Salty Pimp. Taking a cue from the scoopery's popular cone, this cupcake layers vanilla cake around dulce de leche pudding, topping it with dulce de leche buttercream frosting encased in fudge which, despite our general cupcake ennui, sounds worth every diabetes-risking bite. It's sold exclusively at the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. And that's not all: We hear the ice cream guys have a book deal in the works, possibly with Clarkson Potter (the imprint behind Mile End, Momofuku, and Dirt Candy's cookbooks). Also, mark your calendars for the Big Gay shop's one-year anniversary on September 3, featuring all the ice cream and all the drag queens (and kings) East 7th Street can hold.