Barclay Prime’s $100 Cheesesteak Gets a Swanky Upgrade

No Whiz wit this one.
No Whiz wit this one. Photo: Barclay Prime

Barclay Prime’s cheesesteak has undergone some revisions since the restaurant first launched back in October of 2004, but two things have remained the same: It sets you back a C-note, and it’s always served with champagne. Like the sandwich itself, which has seen its foie gras replaced with butter-poached lobster, and later switched back again, the choice of champagne has varied over the years. Baller bubbly like Veuve Cliquot, Laurent-Perrier, Perrier-Jouet and more have all been paired with the cheesesteak in the past. But according to Starr insiders, as of today, the all-about-the-Benjamins heap of Waygu beef will be served with Dom Pérignon (Vintage 2000, of course). All the more reason to go and blow a hundred bucks, right?

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