75 on Liberty Wharf Plans September Opening

It's actually at 220, not 75, Northern Avenue.
It's actually at 220, not 75, Northern Avenue. Photo: Facebook/75 on Liberty Wharf

A few months ago we mentioned that Beacon Hill’s cozy 75 Chestnut planned to open a Seaport sister restaurant called 75 on Liberty Wharf. That day is nearly here: According to their Facebook page, they’re aiming for a late September opening. The menu, also posted, is big, user-friendly, and won’t scare your out-of-town auntie who really wants dinner on the water.

No huge surprises here: Meyer lemon chicken, crab cakes, lobster rolls, pan-seared haddock (there is a five-alarm chili, however). If nothing else, it’ll make a fine refuge when we just can’t take one more dollop of guacamole mashed table-side. [Facebook/75 on Liberty Wharf]

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