WP24 Serving New $24 Cocktail

Go For Gold
Go For Gold Photo: Wp24

Is Wolfgang Puck jealous of New York’s mythical DoucheBurger? His WP24 in Downtown is concocting a new cocktail that’s priced at roughly the same cost of four six-packs. Designed by beverage director and First Brother, Klaus Puck, the $24 drink sounds much like any other, containing Oxley gin, rooftop-grown, smog-infused rosemary, and lemon. Since all of that only puts us in the mid-teen range of overpriced drinks, it also has 24-karat gold flakes swimming inside to help justify the huge price tag. The drink is intended to celebrate The Olympics and will possibly bring out the sitting-on-their-couch-with-a-bottle-of-Goldschlager demographic, while also giving a portion of proceeds to The Special Olympics. Called “Go For Gold,” the cocktail will be served from July 27 through August for anyone concerned about their recommended daily allowance of gold.