Video: Vice Parties in the East Bay With Brandon Jew and Brett Emerson

The boys cross the Bay for some yakitori.
The boys cross the Bay for some yakitori. Photo: Vice

Vice has lately been making the rounds of the city’s younger, hipper chefs (see also the earlier videos with Ravi Kapur, Anthony Strong, and Danny Bowien) going on late-night culinary adventures at their favorite S.F. spots for their “Munchies” series. Now it’s Brandon Jew and Brett Cooper’s turn, as the Bar Agricole and Outerlands chefs take them to Berkeley’s Ippuku and then to Oakland’s Boot & Shoe Service for some boozy shenanigans and serious talk about food.

Also featured here are Jeremy Tooker from Four Barrel, Terroir wine guy Dagan Ministero, and an appearance of Boot & Shoe Service/Pizzaiolo chef-owner Charlie Hallowell, who soliloquizes about the state of the American food system. After a lot of food and drink across the Bay, they actually get in the cab and go back to Bar Agricole in the wee hours of the morning to drink and cook some more, and make “sucking head” jokes about spot prawns.

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