Vetri Ups the Prix Fixe Ante

Marc Vetri
Marc Vetri Photo: uwishunu

When Le Bec Fin reopened a few weeks ago sans hyphen and under new ownership, the relaunched restaurant and its $150 tasting menu generated equal parts fuss and hype. Many noted that it was the city’s priciest prix fixe. But come September, Vetri will unseat Le Bec when that restaurant’s $135 menu heads north twenty bucks, and tops out at $155. The announcement comes by way of the Vetri website, which notes the price increase on its menu page. And there’s already a lengthy discussion of the price hike on Chow. It should be interesting to see if the LBF crew counters. Do we hear $160? Anyone? Going once… [Vetri; h/t Foobooz]

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