Vagrancy Project Chef Working Towards His Own Cottage

Thompson's smoked trout
Thompson's smoked trout Photo: The Vagrancy Project

Miles Thompson, the 24-year-old chef behind The Vagrancy Project pop-up “residency,” currently offering his tasting menus twice a week at Allston Yacht Club, is eventually hoping to open his own brick-and-mortar restaurant called Cottage, reports The L.A. Times. Lauded over the blogosphere for his mind-bending dishes (Jessica Gelt mentions oysters inside kimchi gelee topped with pig’s feet), Thompson envisions a 28-seat dining room that only serves tasting menus and the possibility of a smaller bar area serving single dishes. Currently, the chef is teamed up with former ink., Church & State, and Harvard & Stone bartender, Nathan Oliver, who himself has a dream project brewing with a liquor company called Bottle Service, in which he may sell his bottled “Classic Frisco Rittenhouse 100 Benedictine.”

Miles Thompson shows taste beyond his years [LAT]