Tuesdays at Tom’s Starts at Tom Bergin’s

Tom Bergin's
Tom Bergin's Photo: Tom Bergin's

Starting at 12:00 P.M. tomorrow, the recently remade Tom Bergin’s will start offering a series of Tuesday specials starting at noon and stretching towards midnight each week. Titled “Tuesdays at Tom’s,” chef Brandon Boudet will add to his a la carte menu with a $15 per person “Tavern Plate” that changes every week and is be served with soda bread, salad, a side, and dessert, along with four-dollar pints of Harp and five-dollar glasses of house wine. The first special to be offered will be the chef’s Guinness barbecue chicken with green beans, green salad, sweet corn, and strawberry buttermilk ice cream to finish it off.