Top Chef: Skin Grafts

Watch your fingers.
Watch your fingers. Photo: Melissa Hom

There’s some demented cosmic irony that a chef known for her chops on the line would slice her fingertip off while taping her first prime-time TV appearance. Yet that’s precisely what happened to Missy Robbins on the season premiere of Top Chef Masters, which aired Wednesday. The A Voce chef tried to work through the pain after she sliced through her left pinkie with a mandoline, but ultimately had to visit the ER. A skin graft and extended recovery later, Robbins is glad she has an open invitation to compete next season, but tells People the accident “was pretty traumatic,” adding, “I’m not sure I want to relive it.” For the time being, her projected winner is Chris “TV is a necessary evil” Cosentino, who’s “just got something that other people don’t have.” [People, Earlier]