Today in Free Tacos

These aren't the tacos you're looking for.

If you like writing the letter R backwards, are in Dumbo, and/or can hold your horses until after you can get to that neighborhood on the next departing train, you might like to know about the free tacos that are happening today at the newest addition to the reBar family, reBarnacle, now open in the old reBoy location at 147 Front Street. Despite the associative name, reBarnacle is not pirate-themed (so far), but will be a "Brooklyn style chef’s kitchen with a seasonal menu where you will eventually get to vote on the dishes." As Brokelyn reports, none of this matters right now. Fish, pork, or tofu tacos are free today, until 11 p.m. or the wheels fall off, whichever happens first. And if you can't make it, don't forget there are plenty of other options around. [Brokelyn, Earlier]