To the Meatpacking Market We Will Go

Vendors galore.
Vendors galore. Photo: Urban Space

Starting September 1 and rolling right through what the ancient Mayan calendar referred to as “the holiday season” will be a new market at the corner of West 13th Street and Washington Avenue, just across the street from the Standard Hotel. Eldon Scott, director of Urban Space, tells Eater that the project will include vendors like the Red Hook Lobster Pound, Mexicue, Steve’s Ice Cream, and Mayhem & Stout, Dekalb Market’s makers of “slow braised sandwiches.” Tom Colicchio apparently won’t join the festivities; it was rumored the chef would open a sort of beer pavillion, a crown jewel of sorts at the new shopping destination. “We’re going to be doing a mixology bar, with juices and non-alcoholic cocktails,” says Scott, adding “the whole idea is to create a little oasis for those that want to hang out in the Meatpacking, but don’t want to go to a bar or beer garden.” [Eater NY, Earlier]