Things Are Coming Up George Sabatino on East Passyunk Ave.

George Sabatino and Anthony Bourdain at Stateside.
George Sabatino and Anthony Bourdain at Stateside. Photo: George Sabatino

With a string of positive reviews, a HopChef victory, a Best Chef award from Philymag, and a visit from Anthony Bourdain, things are looking pretty good for Stateside chef George Sabatino. In response to the Phillymag nod, he tweeted “Thanks for the love guys, I’m honored. Truly!!!!” And with that came a torrent of praise from all corners of the local foodiesphere, including kind words from Matyson’s Ben Puchowitz, and his former mentor, Marcie Turney. Not long after the news broke that Phillymag was crowning him with a “Best of Philly” award, Bourdain and The Layover came strolling into the East Passyunk Ave. hotspot.

And with that, he tweeted, “Crazy and humbling to meet Anthony Bourdain tonight at Stateside. #whataday #amialwaysthatshort?” What’s next for the chef? He’s headed to Brewery Ommegang next week to compete in the HopChef finals there, and if this momentum continues, we’re guessing he’s going to trounce the competition. And after that, we’ll never be able to get a seat at Stateside ever again.

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