The New Chuck E. Cheese Will Rock Your Socks Off

Photo: Screen magazine

That arcade mouse you grew up with who used to look like this? Come Thursday, the franchise’s namesake will reveal an entirely new image to the world in a series of new television ads meant to reinvigorate the birthday party HQ. The Internet being what it is, however, means you can already see the first commercial, in its entirety here. Yesterday, the man who voiced the mouse for twenty years lamented the loss of his job; Jaret Reddick of the pop-punk-pseudo-angst band Bowling for Soup is now providing the Chuck’s antic voice. Get Chuck’s singles here, or check out the video, while it lasts or our tokens run out, whichever happens first. Incidentally, the ad company behind the new Chuck E. Cheese is no stranger to putting guitars in the tiny claws of video-game-playing rodents. The last time they did it, however, was in a commercial for the pest-control company Orkin. [AP, Screen]