The Wayland Expands

More like ... the Garden Variety Marg.
More like ... the Garden Variety Marg. Photo: Melissa Hom

The Wayland — the dark, foodie-groovy, still-new bar on Avenue C — has already locked down expansion plans. Owners Rob Ceraso and Jason Mendenhall have been granted approval for their liquor license to be extended into the space next door, formerly Bite Me Best pizza (140 Avenue C). At only seven months old, the Wayland will gain fifteen more seats in the new space along with a full kitchen; this means a big jolt in their already-exciting cocktail and food menus. Expect new dishes (served until 3 a.m.) like chicken under a brick, whole fried fish, a cast-iron burger, and twice-fried fingerling potatoes. Renovations will be complete by the end of August. Way to go.