Tortilla Triumphs: 15 Knockout Philadelphia Tacos


No matter the origins, tacos are as American as burgers and apple pies. But not so long ago, they were seldom seen in these parts. Now with a growing Mexican population, taquerias are becoming as ubiquitous as cheesesteak joints in Philly. They’re literally popping up all over, and serving a wonderful assortment of cool and authentic tacos. At the same time, restaurant heavy-weights like Stephen Starr and Jose Garces are redefining the humble taco, elevating it, and ultimately transforming it into the stuff of sophisticated dining. And just about everyone in between is adding their own take on them too. Here we’ve assembled what we believe are some of the most interesting interpretations of tacos available around town. Click through, check them out, and let us know with a comment which ones look the most appealing.

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