Texas-Spawned Pizza Buffet Set to Attack From the North

But is it gluten free?

Texas-based chain CiCi’s Pizza will open its first New York shop in the Bronx next week on Gun Hill Road. $6.99 gets you buffet access to 28 kinds of pizza, pasta dishes, soup, salad, and whatever else you can imagine, all-you-can-eat. Locals like Frank Strellci, however, owner of Frank’s Pizza, aren’t having it. “I’ve been in the South and I’ve tried those pizza buffets,” he tells the paper, and you can practically see his fists tensing around his trusty pizza peel like it was a baseball bat. "It’s unbelievable," he goes on. "They put chocolate and all sorts of stuff on there. I don’t know about that. I don’t think it can compare to my pizza, no way. Especially my Gran Mama’s Pizza. No way.” It’s good to know we still have a pepperoni slice in this fight. [NYDN]