Tensions Erupt Between Regulars and the Homeless at Coney Island Bar

Where's this guy when you need him most?
Where's this guy when you need him most? Photo: movieclips / YouTube

Call the Warriors: Patrons and employees of the relocated Cha Cha’s bar have been attacked three times in recent weeks by homeless people, says owner John “Cha Cha” Ciarcia. The famous boardwalk bar moved to its new home on Surf Avenue earlier this year, near the Shore Hotel, where the neighborhood’s homeless population set up shelters under the scaffolding. Following two earlier incidents, manager Dee Dee Mancuso says that on July 20, a homeless woman put her hands on a workers face while he was on a cigarette break. The worker pushed the woman and she fell, “enraging several of the vagabonds,” reports Brooklyn Daily. After that, “a group of six vagrants attempted to force their way into the bar.” Mancuso was punched in the face during the standoff. [Brooklyn Daily]