Sunday, There’ll Be Swingin’, Swayin’, and Ramen in the Streets

Get your broth on.
Get your broth on. Photo: Melissa Hom

A major part of the Japan Block Fair in Astoria this Sunday is the second installment of the grand slam Street Ramen Contest. Fittingly, it starts at high noon. Competitors must create an “authentic NY-style ramen,” which of course does not truly exist (yet). As such, Sunday’s contestants include Tabata Noodle, whose chefs will serve cold tantan-men, and the forthcoming Williamsburg shop Yebisu, who will serve abura soba noodles doused with lobster oil. Round one, held in May, ended in a draw; there’ll be two more showdowns this year, and on Sunday, it doesn’t matter what you wear, just as long as you are there. (You should be okay with long lines and using chopsticks, too.)
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