‘Million Big Gulp March’ Proves We’re Still Awesome at Wasting Time

Because we need more of these.
Because we need more of these. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Claiming the proposed large-format soft-drink ban proposed by the Bloomberg administration is a grievous affront to personal freedom, a ragtag group of 1,000 high-fructose rebels took it to City Hall Park yesterday to yell about it in a loud manner. The so-called “Million Big Gulp March” was organized, it seems, by a conservative group called NYC Liberty HQ. Never mind that the proposed ban may not affect Big Gulps, or even that tomorrow is the suspiciously timed 7-Eleven day (again), a non-holiday we celebrate with giveaways and food coloring: Yesterday, the mayor countered the small protest with a 22-page document of celebrities stating they support the ban. Testimony comes from Spike Lee, Bill Clinton, and Judy Collins of all people, who says she looked at soda from both sides now before siding with the mayor. [WNYC]

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