SLA Cuts Off Gin Palace’s Cocktails on Tap

Only regular cocktails flowing here.
Only regular cocktails flowing here. Photo: Melissa Hom

It seems the State Liquor Authority isn’t a fan of the cocktails-on-tap trend. Diner’s Journal has it that on Monday night, the SLA turned off Gin Palace’s cocktail taps serving gin-and-tonics and Ramos Gin Fizzes on draft. Owner Ravi DeRossi told DJ he believes the SLA’s action is related to an old law (meant to protect customers from getting cheated) that prevented anyone from taking liquor out of one bottle and pouring it into another. But DeRossi and bar director Frank Cisneros think they’re in the clear under a 1989 change to the law that made it okay to serve booze from a machine — call it the frozen margarita defense. A hearing is scheduled for July 20. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]