San Clemente Cafe The First To Flagrantly Flout Foie Gras Ban

Foie, naked with nowhere to go
Foie, naked with nowhere to go Photo: Mads Boedker via Flickr

Foie gras may not have been exactly “easy” to find on Monday, but it was still being served it appears, as we unfold the first foie sighting in a SoCal restaurant right at the starting line of the statewide ban. According to The Orange County Register, French-born chef Antoine Price got the jump on the rest of his rebellious peers by offering a seven-course “Foie You!” prix-fixe at his San Clemente restaurant, Cafe Mimosa, on Monday night. The chef claims he was using foie that was purchased legally before the ban for dishes like a foie gras club sandwich and his own version of Jose Andres’ cotton candy-wrapped foie, though the sale of the liver to his guests might have been a technical violation of the newly enacted measure. Still, the chef cares not. Walking the “foie you” outlaw lifestyle as much as he talks it, Price says, “They can lock me up if they want…I don’t mind.” [O.C. Register; GS]