Popular Arlington Restaurants Nabbed in Underage Drinking Sting; Residents Freak Out

Terror in A-town.
Terror in A-town. Photo: istockphoto

Arlington might be a dry town, sans bars, but that doesn’t mean neighborhood teens can’t find a way to get tipsy! It’s as easy as sidling up to one of the town’s many fine “ethnic” dining establishments and asking for something potent. Oh, and the locals sure are enraged.

Popular spots Kathmandu Spice, Sabzi, Sweet Chili, and Manna Sushi were each nabbed in the sting. Teens working with police requested beer (nice gig!) and got it. Each restaurant will face three-day alcohol suspensions.

A few local Patch posters speculate that the restaurants are “foreign” and therefore don’t understand American liquor laws; meanwhile, another poster has rung in to clarify: “First of all, what restaurant in Arlington isn’t foreign? I can barely pronunce half of the names and I am a tenured professor at a well known university in Cambridge.” Riiiight. Luckily, another resident has things in perspective: “What happens when one of these fine kiddies leaves there and kills someone? Who they going to sue??”

Who they going to sue indeed. Kids these days!

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