Quincy Bar Serves Up Mountain Lion’s Urine

Maybe a bit too hoppy?
Maybe a bit too hoppy?

It’s the headline we always wanted to write! Apparently the owner of Grumpy White’s has grown tired of the barfly coyote pups loitering near his establishment, so he’s decided to do the logical thing and stock up on mountain lion urine to keep them away. We’re not sure if he’s serving it on the rocks or with salt, but in an interesting twist, so far it’s worked.

“I went to the hardware store and purchased some mountain lion urine, and took the vials and hung them in the trees … It seems to be working a bit,” owner Bob White told the Globe. Until the pups pass out, we recommend sticking to clear beverages at Grumpy’s. Also: You can buy mountain lion urine at the hardware store?

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