Q BBQ Calling It Quits in Old City

Q BBQ Photo: Q BBQ

With Blue Belly BBQ just opened, and Fishtown’s Starr-B-Que and Manayunk’s long-awaited Rubb BBQ both nearing completion, it seems as if our summer barbecue boom isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Well, except in Old City. That’s where Q BBQ, the smoked meats retreat that replaced Philadelphia Fish & Company back in 2009 is calling it quits. You’ll recall that owners Kevin and Janet Meeker signaled that they had, had enough of the Old City neighborhood and the drunken knuckleheadery that runs rampant there on the weekends back in March of last year. Now the Insider is saying that they two didn’t renew their lease. Anyone care to take a stab what might move in after Q calls it quits? [Insider]

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