Purse-Snatcher Thwarted at Hama Sushi

Good thing this guy didn't catch him first
Good thing this guy didn't catch him first Photo: Hama Sushi

Shortly after 5:30 P.M. yesterday, Venice police dashed to the block extending behind 33-year-old Hama Sushi, seconds after a man inside of the restaurant snatched a woman’s purse and made a run for it. After the victim screamed, with patrons, valet, and staff scrambling behind him, the perp did not get very far, as police nabbed him roughly a hundred feet from the restaurant, later sending in a uniformed officer to question patrons as witnesses. Strangely, he closely resembled the guy who removed his pants at Gjelina, right down to that ubiquitous Venice fedora. Update: L.A. Weekly reports that the man claimed he was homeless and hungry.